W.I.L. is based in Austin, Texas and specializes in offering women a forum and resource for exploring how our natural intuition can aid in stress-management, problem solving, health improvement, domestic bliss, creativity, spirituality, sexuality and more - all while providing techniques and exercises to help develop, benefit from and celebrate the divine feminine and wise intuitive woman in each of us.


What Is Intuition?
I believe we are all intuitive and have the potential to access this inner guidance for happier living. Intuition is not necessarily the same as "psychic", but often these words are interchangeable. It can simply be described as an "inner knowing". I'm sure you are familiar with the terms "gut feeling" or when something creeps you out and gives you the "heebeegeebies". These are very basic examples of the inner wiring we all possess known as intuition.

What Is Women's Intuition?
Intuition is experienced by both men and women. However, I believe women have the advantage in this arena because it is more naturally occurring in the feminine. Women are more apt to be open to tuning in to this higher frequency and again, more naturally experience intuitive occurrences. We are more open to feeling a situation and hearing our inner voice. As a woman, I wanted to create a place where these experiences can be shared, discussed, learned, explored and enjoyed in a safe, nurturing environment of like-minded, supportive women. There is a difference between intuition and women's intuition - hence Women's Intuitive Living.

I believe we are inherintly able to provide ourselves with solutions to our problems and challenges - using our intuition is an easy way to accomplish this and live healthier and happier.

I believe women have the ability to heal themselves - mentally, emotionally and physically - and to take care of our loved ones more fully when activating our intution and listening to the divine feminine and wise woman within.

Classes/Coaching/Circle Options:
My goal is to provide classes, one-on-one coaching and group circles to help each woman grow, benefit from and most importantly enjoy her unique intuitive abilities.

Although I teach and offer services using clairvoyance, the purpose of W.I.L is for practical every-day applications every woman can use.

A specific topic is covered in depth in a small group environment. I apply my personal knowledge and research to provide you with ideas, techniques and information. Exercises and hands-on methods are included. See the monthly calendar or email me for details.

Individual appointments are available for your specific needs. This often includes a clairvoyant reading and opportunity to cover personal needs more specifically.

A monthly get-together where a new topic is explored in a small group format. It is encouraged for every one to share their personal experiences, thoughts and ideas. This is a fun, creative, open discussion in a safe, nurturing environment where all ideas are welcome. While it is mediated by me and includes facts and exercises, this is an opportunity for women to gather tips and support from other women while also trying something new. Circles often include "mini tastes" of topics and exercises covered in classes, but in a less formal environment and at a fraction of the cost - come see for yourself!

No Experience Necessary!
Never heard of intuition? Think you have to have long-term special training to feel intuitive or be born with a "gift"? My goal is to help every woman access her inner guide - this is not training in order to be a professional "psychic" - this is training to help you use your natural feminine "know how" for solutions to live fuller, freer, healthier and happier!

About Me:
I don't fit most standard categories or molds - I am an intuitive, sensitive, creative, artistic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, modern, innovative, at times traditional, dedicated, loving, feminine, empowered, sensual, honest, confident, teacher, lover, friend, student, explorer...

I first noticed my inate intuitive abilities and sensitivity when I was a small child and began my interest in understanding and exploring as much as I could about these subjects. I have more than twelve years of guided training and research, however I believe my knowledge is rooted in my own amazing experiences. I am an expert at techniques to help ease and ground psychic energies and know first hand what challenges come with being Sensitive and Hyper-Sensitive.

If you are on the other end of the spectrum - wanting to feel and experience MORE sensitivity and intuitive energy - I can help you here, too!

My readings are open and honest. I do not hold back information or sugar coat anything. I will tell you exactly what I see/hear/feel. Please don't ask if you don't want to know!

I practice complete confidentiality in all individual appointments to insure the most comfortable and complete experiences - no exceptions.

I welcome questions and comments, so please feel free to contact me directly any time.

I look forward to meeting you soon!